Nailcare Kit 5 pcs. 

The complete packet for healthy and appealing nails.

The first step is to bring the fingernails with the ceramic nail file in form. This special file seals the papillas, which keeps the nail prevented from water or other liquids.

The second step involves the polishment of the lamillas and the special "Nail Polisher and Buffer Set" is used. First use the magenta buffer #1. After that, polish the nails with buffer #2, which will give you silky glance. Finally, use buffer #3, which will grant the final shine of the nail.

The last and third step deals with the removal of cuticles. Use the nailsoftener pen, which contains vitamine C and E and natural oils. When the cuticles are soft, remove the cuticles.


  1. Two-sided (coarse and fine) nail file in a convenient protective case, with nail cleaner and cuticle pusher (50 094)
  2. Nail polisher and buffer set with 3 separate double-sided buffers. Grant natural shine on the nails (54 650)
  3. Nailsoftener pen with vitamine C and E and natural oils (08 008)

Article Code: 09 010
Size: 160x97x27 mm

Packaging: Presentbox
Weight: 90 g

Price: 24,95 EUR