Pockit - Ceramic Grooving Nail File 

Professional ceramic grooving nail file. This sturdy and long lasting. micro crystal nail file, produced out of a special ruby corundum, gently smoothes and seals the nail tips. Can be easy sanitize, under running water, therefore hygienic. Revolving head - two-sided: coarse and fine. Perfect for use on delicate nails. Technologically advanced filing surface. Excellent files for beautiful results on natural nails.

PR Report

Article Code: 50 308
Length: 80 mm 3"

Case: translucent blue
Width: 27 mm ¼"

Filesheet: pink⁄rose - light green
Weight: 14 g

Price: 5,44 EUR
7,25 EUR

Pockit - Ceramic Grooving Nail File