C-Curve Pinching Tweezers - stainless

Nail Shaping Clip Pinch Tweezer for professionel UV Gel Nail shaping and creative nail design

The perfect prep tool for any service. The X-Type tweezer allows to pinch the sidewalls of the artificial nail tips and UV Gel Nail in a propper way to the natural nail plate, without gluing ones fingers.

It gently pinches the 'perfect c-curve' on the free edge of a sculptured nail and allows you to hold and apply nail art such as diamantes or perls.

A must for proper adhesion and wear ability of any service.

Article Code: 74 631
Type: Manicure

Surface: satin finished
Feature: stainless

Side 1: pincher
Side 2: non

Size: 160 mm - 6 ¼"
Weight: 36 g

Price: 18,75 EUR