Double Instruments - stainless 

Double instrument is specialized for “nail fungus treatment”. Due to the very flat and round bent head, this eight angular instrument, made of surgeon stainless steel, can be used to out-scrape a nail fungus just plain underneath a nail plate and reate it with appropriate tinctures.

With the inwards curved other side, it can be worked edge-exactly.

This antiallergic double instrument is particularly suitable for diabetics and easily can be disinfected in an autoclave or sterilizer.

Article Code: 77 930
Type: Mani- & Pedicure

Surface: satin finished
Feature: anti allergic

Side 1: round, extremely flat, narrowly
Side 2: rounded retractor, extrem narrowly

Size: 160 mm - 6 ¼"
Weight: 25 g

Price: 9,95 EUR