Twiggie Design Pro - Depilation Tweezers 

Professional work requires professional tool

Featherlight handmade stainless steel tweezer with bevelled edge. Design version with perforated handles guarantee a non-slip grip. A professional tweezer for cosmetic use and depilate. Ideal for eyebrows shaping, removing facial hairs, bikini lines and removing other unwanted body hair. The noble design underscores the high quality of the precision instrument.
  • Antireflective material surface
  • Truely shaped for easy handling
  • Expanded fine precision finished grab jaw
  • Hand honed for an easy and precise grip
This precisely handmade tweezers is one of the best representors of the term "Made by ERLINDA" and can be sterilized in an autoclave or steri, making it always hygienic and sanitary.

A masterpiece of craftsmanship - with expertise and precision.

Article Code: 85 935
Feature: Designversion

Material: stainless
Tip: slanted

Lenght: 95 mm - 3¾"
Weight: 15 g

Price: 12,50 EUR