Passion for Lashes - Eyelash Extension - Expert Tweezers

Professional work requires professional tools

This 45° tilted tweezer is especially ideal for the application of 0.05 and 0.07 mm volume lashes.

It has a 5 mm small prong that allows you to efficiently remove one or multiple lash extensions upright and efficient out of their case or from the pattern.

Then, with just a slight hand movement, you can easily position the lashes at the precise angle for application.

Key Features
  • Perfekt zum Trennen von natürlichen Wimpern, anstelle einzelne Wimpern zu isolieren.
  • Very effective for selecting and picking up lashes.
  • Designed for precise and efficient handling to insulate and apply individual eyelashes and eyelash extensions.
  • Extremely pointed tips that close tightly to handle individual lashes with precision, without damaging or bending the lash
  • Smooth opening and closing action offers the perfect tension for working with lashes.
  • Due to its long stretched shape, it fits ideally in the hand and guarantees reduced hand fatigue at work.
  • Perfect for Barbicide, Autoclave and Steam Sterilizers.

Simply tailor-made for the passionate eyelash artists

Don't look further for precision and comfort.

Passion for Lashes "Made by ERLINDA" includes a variety of high-quality precision tweezers for 2D-6D volume technology, classic eyelash extensions and flat lashes.

Handcrafted and tweaked to perfection, it guarantees the best available tips for very fine preparations under magnifying glasses.

Each Passion for Lashes precision tweezers is made from a specially hardened stainless spring steel. Both shanks are combined in a unique welding process and ensure maximum precision when working on eyelash extensions. You no longer have to worry about dropping extensions.

The needle point tip guarantees an ultra-fine hold; the tweezers are particularly durable and corrosion-resistant.

The long shanks guarantee maximum comfort for your fingers during the long extension process.

Passion for Lashes tweezers are very light and offer easy maneuverability and grip. They are ideal not only for lash artists, but also for professionals in the beauty salon.

A top choice amongst the most experienced lash experts!

To discover the full range of precision tweezers and instruments, please click on “Passion for Lashes” in the navigation. Here you will find a variety of different tip sizes and shapes, including straight, curved and angled forms.

Article Code: 89 951
Feature: extreme pointed

Material: stainless
Surface: nonreflecting

Tip: 45° tilted
Tip: polished - 5 mm

Lenght: 140 mm - 5 ½"
Weight: 21 g

Price: 21,95 EUR