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Russian V Eyelash Extension Tweezers are designed for the specialized technique of applying Russian Volume lashes. The special V-shaped tips will help you to master the tough Russian volume technique at ease and create the perfect fans.

Our philosophy is your success

Our passion in the development and manufacture of high-quality tweezers for eyelash technology has created a whole new line of tweezers.

Passion for Lashes "Made by ERLINDA Solingen"

Passion for Lashes eyelash tweezers and tools are a good companion in your daily work. High quality tool for beauty salon, cosmetic school or individuals.

As a specialist in eyelash extensions, you know that tweezers make a big difference in the use of eyelashes. High-quality eyelash tweezers can speed up the entire eyelash process and guarantee a clean and precise work. Inserting and lashing requires a high level of technology and endless patience. Create a fluffy, natural eyelash for your customers.

The tips of these volume tweezers close over the complete large tip area and thus guarantee a great hold when picking up small eyelashes or used by the 3D-4D and 6D Volume Eyelash Extensions technique. Even with a slightly higher pressure, the tips do not deform them or break, kink or deform the sensitive eyelashes. Each Passion for Lashes precision tweezers is made from a specially hardened, high-grade rust-free spring steel.

It's easy to pick up and fan-out eyelashes. The opening of the tweezers snout is precisely and very cleanly made. As an eyelash technician, you will quickly find out that this type and shape of tweezers is very suitable for you.

These artisan made eyelash tweezers, with the appearance of smooth and straight lines, pleasant handling and the finest workmanship, are best designed for long-term work. The low weight prevents the fatigue of fingers and wrists of the hands.

A gentle opening and closing provides perfect tension when working with eyelashes.

To discover the full range of precision tweezers and instruments, please click on “Passion for Lashes” in the navigation. Here you will find a variety of different tip sizes and shapes, including straight, curved and angled forms.

Article Code: 89 970
Feature: compl. closing

Material: stainless
Surface: nonreflecting

Tip: ∆ tilted
Tip: polished, 11 mm

Lenght: 115 mm - 4 ½"
Weight: 22 g

Price: 29,95 EUR