> NailMaid PR Report

The new micro-crystal-file made of oxide-ceramic

In a time dominated by science and technology, it is our task to include new discoveries into the development of innovative materials and products. The new micro-crystal-file by ERLINDA clearly differs from conventional files.

This micro-crystal-file, which is produced by means of a special process and hardened at a temperature of 2000°C, guarantees longevity. Micro-pores on the surface of the file make it possible to gently smoothen and to seal up the head of your nails. NailMaid enables you to work on your nails in two directions without making them porous by heating up your nails - a phenomenon which can be observed when using conventional nail files. With NailMaid your nails will be as smooth as glass. Water and harmful cleaning fluids cannot damage your nails when doing your everydays’ washing up.

The washable micro-crystal-file with its fine and coarse side and its integrated nail cleaner is available in many different colors and appealing packages. NailMaid certainly is a «MUST» for well-groomed nails.