> Twiggie color PR Report

Twiggie color – more than just a coloured tweezer

Tweezers Are fully in accordance with the trend and time spirit. We impose high standards to the production of our colored tweezers. Our answer is...

...powder-coating !!

Therefore it gives great results in the production, which grants durability to our tweezers of highest-grade of steel.

  • Corrosion protection
  • Scratch prevention
  • Flexibility
  • Impact resistance
  • Everlasting - even from sterilization
  • Weather resistant
  • Attrition durable


Powder-coating is the surface refinement of corresponding pieces of high-grade steel, as featured with our tweezers, „Twiggie“.

The procedure

By electrostatic powder coating the contrasting loaded parts of the powder and the part to be coated, in this case the surface of our tweezers, will attract.

The powder will be loaded by spraying the electrode from inside the spray gun. The tweezers are grounded which creates an electrical field between our stainless steel tweezers and the spay-gun of 80 – 100 KV and forces the powder to be directed to the required surface.

These coated tweezers then pass through a dryer, where the powder melts to produce a plain film on the surface. This film is created due to the powder-material and temperature in the dryer of between 160 – 200°C.