Crown Scissor - stainless

Sterilizable crown scissors with slightly curved scissor blade for the professional application made of sugical stainless steel.

The almost straight scissors blades of the powerful foot nail scissors with small teeth on one side of the scissor blade allow precise work even on the strongest foot nail without slipping off. The ice-tempered stainless steel lends of the nail scissors provides an excellent cutting characteristics and guarantees a long life for the professional user or private use.

Choosing the right instrument is the most important prerequisite for a perfect manicure. All instruments made by ERLINDA meet this high quality requirements. They are processed with precision, handmade, hardened and finely honed before they are subject to a cut and a final visual inspection - one by one. The selection of the right steel provides the scissors its longevity and excellent cutting characteristic. The scissors blades are fixed with a real screw. The cutting property can thus be adjusted. Just a handmade quality product - perfection in detail.

Code d'article: 63 039
Surface: glass blasted

Type: oblique
Feature: fine manicure tip

Size: 110 mm - 4 ⅓"
Poids: 32 g

Prix: 21,95 EUR