Orthonyxia Nippers - stainless

Precision and longevity for orthonyxia technology

This extreme hard wire cutter with TC (tungsten carbide) inlaid is exclusively used in the professional podiatry and orthonyxie, in which wires for nail correction, made of hardened spring steel according to standards such as VDEh-5CrNiMo 1810 must be bent and cut.

The requirement is a clean cut without crushing the hard metal wire with a diameter to achieve up to 0.8 mm when applying without any injuries the strap to a patient ingrown toenail.

The cutting insert of the forceps gains an addition-curing and specific hardness (HRC), which guarantees the instrument an exceptional lifetime. A real "feat of steel" with non-dazzling surface for glare-free working in the cabin and in the studio.

This special instrument made of surgical steel is sterilizable in any autoclave or sterilizator.

Article Code: 20 930
Weight: 52 g

Price: 65,95 EUR