Nail Nippers - handle lock - stainless

Professionals need professional tools. Professional instrument with smooth-running double spring and handle lock for the professional pedicure.

Precision hand finished masterpiece in surgical quality with extra strong handles for comfort to handle the most demanding services with ease.

The matted surface of the chirurgical plier ables to work without reflection and provides a glare-free work in the cabin.

The cutting head is similar to type 33 930 , however, ingrained in the back and thus allows a fine and precise work on the nail.

It is especially most used in the pedicure as a flat nail nippers for trimming stronger nails such like in diabetic patience.

Extra sharp due to a special grinding. This precisely handmade nipper is one of the best representors of the term "Made by ERLINDA" and can be sterilized in an autoclave or steri, making it always hygienic and sanitary

Article Code: 34 930
Weight: 126 g

Price: 57,75 EUR