Scalpel Handle - stainless 

Scalpel holder No. 3 (# 7), made of stainless steel. Fully sterilizable in an autoclave or steri. Fits for all blades 10, 10a, 11, 12a, 12b, 13, 14, 15a, 15c, 40

This scalpel holder with round handle fits much better in the hand than a flat one. It ables a quick movement between pointing finger and thumb for your filigree work. The wrist joint is less stressed.

For explanation

# 10: Use for cuts through skin and muscles. The #10 is curved along the cutting edge as well as along the back part
# 10a: Similar to the #11 but not that pointed
# 11: Long triangular blade for difficult cuts. It has a sharp tip and is sharpened along the longest side
# 12a: Small, pointed, crescent-shaped blade sharpened at the inner edge
# 12b: Small, pointed, crescent-shaped blade sharpened on both sides
# 15: Small version of the #10
# 15c: Like #15 with retrograde angle but flatter and thinner than #15

Code ng artikulo: 72 335
Type: No. 3

Surface: satin finished
Feature: Surgical Quality

Size: 175 mm - 7"
Bigat: 48 g

Presyo: 10,95 EUR