Traditional technology in a new guise
Ideal for facial hair removal

This epilating spiral is particularly suitable for the hair removal of unwanted thin and fine facial hair.

It tackels the hair of the upper lip area, burnsides, cheeks, on the chin or between the eyebrows above the nose. No makeup powder sticks anymore on these hairs. Thus provides the face a beautiful, young and smooth skin and hairless surface.

Bend the epilating spiral in a U-shape, means in a 180 ° position using the 2 handles with the spring at the top. Press and flatten the spring against your skin.

By gently twisting the handles inwards using your thumbs, the fine white or black hairs are drawn into the spiral and are plucked and removed from the root. Twisting and lifting the spiral ensures a smooth, practically hairless skin surface. The result can be seen for up to 6 weeks.

After using the spiral, the hairs can easily be rinsed under running water.

As of our aspect, this hair removal spiral is a lot better than plucking out your hair with any tweezers.

This epliate technique is not only suitable for the home, but also for any studio.

Code ng artikulo: 88 536
Spiral: flexible

Material: stainless steel
Handles: ABS plastic, black

Length: 215 mm
Bigat: 19 g

Presyo: 6,25 EUR