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Easy and comfortable shopping

    The ERLINDA online shop is available 7 days a week, even on sundays and holidays. Use the 'search' field to find an article directly. Use the 'back' button on every page to visit the previouse page.

Recommend site

    With the link 'recommend this site' you are able to send an e-mail to a friend who you think could be interested in an article you have found. In this case an extra window will pop up where you can enter your data and the data of your friend. After confirmation of the form our server will create a message with a link that the receiver can activate immediatly in their e-mail.

The shopping cart

    On the specific pages of the product details you will find a textfield where you can enter the required amount, a button with a 'shopping cart' to add the product to the cart by clicking, and an '€' - button to view the cart. Type the required amount and then click the 'shopping cart' button to add the goods to the cart.
    After that you can continue shopping, add further products to the shopping cart or you can move over to the order form. You will also find further information regarding the distribution of your order, our terms of payment, conditions of sales, the rights of return or cancelation and further valuable information.
    In case you want to change the quantity you ordered, type the new amount in the field 'quantity' and press the return key on your keyboard. If you would like to erase a product completely from your cart, activate the delete button on the far right of the line of purchasing information.

    To get more information about a product in the shopping cart, you must click on the article number.

Modes of Payments Address for account

    Next you reach the original order form. Please select the prefered mode of payment and declare your address. The boxes marked with a star must be filled in. After acknowledging of our sales conditions (TPD - Terms of Payments and Delivery) and reviewing the order form, you can "submit" your order.

Order confirmation and further progression

    If all given data is complete and correct, you will receive an order confirmation. If you haven't got a confirmation within an hour from you send your order you should contact us by e-mail shop@erlinda.de or by phone +49-2153-402761.

Cookies and Firewall

    Some of the functions of our online shop use cookies. Internet Security and Firewall software can interfere with cookies being set. You may need to disable or adjust any software on your computer that could interfere with cookies. Please refer to our guide on "How to set up cookies in your browser". Your satisfaction and convenience is our number one priority, so please feel free to contact us if you need any assistance. E-mail us at